A few words about us

ETS is a young SME offering expertise and innovative solutions in the areas of industrial measurements/automation and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).


The philosophy of ETS is to design and integrate application-specific solutions with high flexibility in customization, that may meet the specific needs and requirements of each of our customers. Special attention is also paid in making the most of the data measuring/monitoring hardware of our systems. Making use of advanced, state of the art, signal processing solutions we produce products of expanded capabilities that may surprise with what you can do with a data measurement.

What we offer

  1. Design, integration and installation of application specific measurement and Automation systems.
  2. SHM and NDT solutions.
  3. Customized industrial software.
  4. Advanced, customized signal processing, modeling and analysis solutions.

Application Areas

Industrial measurements and automation play a major role in modern industry. ETS develops application specific …

Measuring systems and decision making strategies s are key-features for the modern transport structures …

ETS offers advanced and application-specific solutions for laboratory applications: process monitoring …