Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and/or Non Destructive Testing (NDT) systems tend to be a necessity in modern structures of critical safety. NDT refers to the periodic (and generally non-automated) non-destructive inspection of the structural integrity, while, one step forward, SHM performs continuous and automated inspections during structure’s operation. ETS is specialized in vibrations-based NDT/SHM systems, where structural defects are detected using the vibration response of the structure.

ETS offers complete hardware/software solutions for vibration-based SHM and NDT systems, which are specifically designed and tuned for each application:

Hardware: Design and integration of the whole measuring and processing system (sensors, cables, data acquisition hardware, processing unit).

Software: Development of customized, user friendly, Graphical User Interface (GUI) software for easy use of the SHM/NDT system.

Signal processing / decision making: Development of application-specific signal processing and statistical decision making strategies for each SHM/NDT application.