Advanced signal processing is the key-feature for expanding the capabilities of extracting useful information from your physical measurements, giving an added value to your Data AcQuisistion (DAQ) hardware. ETS, except of incorporating advanced signal processing strategies to its products, may also develop state-of-the-art, signal processing solutions for your specific application. This may include:

  • Statistical signal processing
  • Filtering operations
  • Spectral analysis
    – For stationary (frequency-domain analysis) and non-stationary (time-frequency analysis) signals,
    – Non parametric and parametric analysis.
  • System identification (parameter estimation)
    – Linear and non-linear systems
    – Time invariant and time varying systems (for stationary and non-stationary signals)
    – Statistical analysis of the estimator
    – Experimental modal analysis (dynamic analysis) of time-invariant and time varying systems
  • Virtual Sensor development
    – Real time computation of non-measurable/inaccessible process parameters based on measurable/accessible parameters.
    – Data-based process modelling.